5303 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32810

Recycling Center

Our recycling center in Orlando is where recyclable materials get sorted and processed to produce new usable materials saving our planet’s valuable natural resources. Orlando Recycling proudly offers the community a means to have their paper and cardboard recycling needs met by having a recycling center with a trained waste and recycling team who work with you to put together the best recycling program to meet your business needs. Our center also accepts residential drop offs for your home’s recycling. Call us today to learn more.

Why take time to recycle?

Recycle Center

When you rely on us to help you with all your recycling efforts, you may soon find it to be much less of a chore. We have the expertise and a well-trained staff that is aware of what it takes.

How our recycling center helps our community:
  • Reduces pollution drastically

    Recycling reduces the need for energy which in turn reduces air pollution due to gas emission.

  • Good for the economy

    When you’re in the recycling business, you’re sure to see the many benefits it has on the economy. When you rely on this process, you can help valuable raw materials to be used more efficiently.

  • Creates jobs

    The more you recycle in your area, the more local jobs are created.

Drop-Off Center

  • Our recycling center is also a drop-off center for paper and cardboard recycling
  • We accept residential drop-offs
  • State certified scale onsite
  • Walk-ins welcome for weigh in
  • Recycling products are available at our recycling center

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