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Cardboard Recycling

Paper is not the only material that can easily pile up around a business. Now, more than ever we use online shopping to have goods delivered to us in addition to regular inventory delivery. This means that cardboard boxes can easily take over an area. Unlike paper, cardboard takes up a large amount of space so most people are eager to have it disposed of quickly. The best way to do so, is by relying on a reputable recycling company that will keep your workplace de-cluttered by timely picking up recycling containers.

Tips for Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard Recycling
  • Remove any plastic or packing materials from cardboard.
  • Keep cardboard dry.
  • Keep cardboard free from food waste.
  • Flatten cardboard by breaking down boxes to save space.

Benefits of Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard recycling
Recycling Cardboard Saves
  • Trees
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Energy
Additional Information
  • Recycling cardboard uses up only 75% of the energy used to make new cardboard.
  • It lessens the emission of sulfur dioxide produced when making pulp from trees.

Are you ready to have a cardboard recycling program set in place for your business? If so, call Orlando Recycling and we will get you started today. Our team of recycling professionals are here to assist you with all of your cardboard recycling needs.

Cardboard recycling

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