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Which Types of Paper Can be Recycled?

Which Types of Paper Can be Recycled?

Which Types of Paper Can be Recycled?


With the increasing awareness of how important recycling is for our environment, many of us are eager to do our part by recycling paper. But did you know that not all paper can be recycled? To help you determine which types of paper are recyclable and what to do with it, we’ve put together a short overview of paper recycling in Orlando.

Types of Paper That Can Be Recycled

The most common type of paper that can be recycled is office and school paper. This includes notebooks, scrapbook paper, envelopes, file folders, and other related items. Newspaper can also be recycled; just make sure to remove any glossy inserts or advertising flyers before tossing them into the recycle bin. Other papers that can be recycled include cardboard boxes (flattened), magazines, catalogs, phone books, shredded paper (placed in a clear plastic bag and sealed securely), and food boxes (such as cereal boxes) with the liner removed.


Types of Paper That Cannot Be Recycled

Certain types of paper cannot be recycled due to their composition or because they contain contaminants like wax or plastic coating. Examples include waxed cardboard boxes (like those used for produce), pizza boxes, used tissues or napkins (these contain bodily fluids which could contaminate other materials in the recycling stream), aluminum foil-lined packages (such as juice boxes), greasy take-out containers, Styrofoam products (even if labeled “recyclable”), laminated plastic bags (like those given out at grocery stores), and wet paper towels.

Paper recycling is an important part of helping our environment become more sustainable. It’s important to know which types of paper can and cannot be recycled so that you can ensure it’s being disposed of properly. If you have questions about whether something is recyclable or not, reach out to your local waste management department for advice on how best to dispose properly. Together we can make a difference!

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