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Reasons to Invest in a Certified Shredding Service

Reasons to Invest in a Certified Shredding Service

Reasons to Invest in a Certified Shredding Service

The need for secure paper document destruction increases as organizations and businesses continue choosing paperless business options. Most companies prefer to hire certified shredding services to take care of their paper shredding instead of doing the job in the office. Hiring a document shredding company can save your business money and time and ensure that your documents are appropriately shredded for privacy concerns.

Why document shredding matters.

It is environmentally friendly.
Going paperless and digitizing your confidential business documents is an eco-friendly way to reduce the amount of paper you use and the storage space you require. In addition, the shredded paper remaining after records have been destroyed is easier for recycling.

Protection from malicious intent.

Storing important information on hard copies makes your business vulnerable to corporate espionage, identity theft, and data breaches. On the other hand, storing documents digitally and destroying hard copies helps protect company records and documents from malicious intent while supporting business continuity.

It is required by law.

State and federal laws require sensitive business documents to be disposed of properly, like tax forms, documents containing Social Security numbers, employee pay stubs, personal information, and dental or medical records. Our experts on certified document shredding in Orlando offer the following reasons your company should invest in certified shredding services.

Saving money.

You can eliminate the expenses involved in repairing, maintaining, or purchasing your own shredders by hiring a professional shredding company. Industrial shredders are faster and more efficient than having an employee do your office is shredding, which ends up being more cost-effective.

Reduced liability.

If you require employees to shred your documents and they are injured on the job, your company will be liable for their time lost from work and the cost associated with their injury.

Increased security.

Having your documents shredded by a certified shredding service will eliminate the possibility of your employees or competitors seeing financial files, marketing and business plans, health insurance records, employee salaries, and confidential financial and personnel files.

Certified compliance.

You can verify your company's HIPAA compliance by using a professional shredding service to destroy private health information.

Improved productivity.

You can improve productivity within your office by hiring a professional document shredding service and not requiring your employees to step away from their routine work to shred important documents.

Why hiring a shredding service makes sense.

If increased productivity, higher levels of compliance and security, and saving money are not critical enough reasons for your business to hire a shredding service, please consider the following:

On-site document destruction or convenient pickup

 Professionals have industrial shredding equipment on hand to get the job done quickly and conveniently, either on-site or at a secure location. In addition, industrial shredders allow documents to be shredded in bulk in the same amount of time employees would need to shred just a few records.

Secured bins and consoles

 You are provided with secure consoles or bins by mobile shredding services, who will pick them up when they're full, so you do not have a large number of documents waiting on hand to be destroyed.

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