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Most Common Reusable Household Items

Most Common Reusable Household Items

Most Common Reusable Household Items

Are you looking for ways to improve your recycling habits? Do you want to reduce the amount of waste that leaves your home each night? When you constantly lug large bags to the curb on trash night, you may find yourself asking for ways to reduce all that waste. Reusing household items is one of the best ways to encourage recycling and practice sustainable habits at home. As a recycling center in Orlando, we know all the best household items that can be easily reused many times.


Many people toss old clothes away before they have a chance to truly enjoy the perks of hand-me-downs. Also, it may take a bit of creativity, but you can turn any torn or ripped clothing into something completely new. When you have fabrics or old clothing that you no longer wear, take some time to think about what it can become. Pants can be cut into shorts, and shirts can be used as rags. When you reuse your clothing, you can avoid excessive waste that can easily be repurposed.

Food Containers

Do you order takeout often? Are you always throwing away containers from food when you order out or get leftovers to take home? These containers often work great to store your own food later. Instead of tossing these containers, wash them and save them for another time when you may need to store food or send a snack to a friend or neighbor.


Repurposing old furniture has actually become a lucrative industry. Many creatives have taken advantage of resale furniture and made beautiful, repurposed household items out of these pieces. Next time you consider getting a new desk or dresser, think about repainting or upholstering some of the furniture you already have at home. This can breathe new life into old items, and it can also save these bulky pieces from ending up at the landfill.

Paper Items

You may not even realize that paper products, like brown paper bags and light cardboard items, can actually be shredded and used as compost. You can also compost any old newspapers that may otherwise just be thrown out each day. Over time, these paper items will break down into nutrient-dense soil and create material perfect for gardening.

Rags and Towels

Is it time to replace all of your old towels? Don’t throw them all away. Instead, save these items so that you have rags and dirty towels to use on outdoor messes, pet disasters, or other messy jobs. When you reuse your old towels, you won’t be worried about how to clean up even the messiest of jobs.

These are a few household items that can be easily reused time and time again. When you reuse household items, you can feel good about reducing unnecessary waste and making a positive impact on the environment. If you want to hear about more recycling solutions, contact our recycling center in Orlando today.