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Five Reasons You Might Need a Trash Compactor

Five Reasons You Might Need a Trash Compactor

Five Reasons You Might Need a Trash Compactor

A trash compactor service in Orlando can assist you in significantly reducing waste costs by decreasing the number of pick-ups required for your location. A compactor does precisely what you'd assume; it compresses trash so fewer pick-ups are required. The most continually operated size is 30 cubic yards. It demands an investment up front, but it can save quite a bit of capital over time.

You're a higher trash generator.

Does one 8-yard dumpster pick-up daily meet your service demands? If you generate more waste, you require equipment to minimize waste spending. We generally discover that most high trash generators include multi-family housing complexes, retail properties, and eateries. Not all of these examples have the room or funding for a compactor, but for many of them, a compactor means a long-term savings alternative.

Prevent unauthorized access or illegal waste disposal.

Many times multi-family property managers ask how to trim down on unlawful dumping. For example, a recently completed site survey discovered that somebody had dumped mattresses, box frames, and toilets! So naturally, the property manager was less than delighted.

Unfortunately, this type of dumping is a standard problem. There are several ways to minimize the chance for individuals to dump, and a compactor is one of them. Leaning on the design, some compactors can prohibit access to workers or tenants, making it more challenging for illegal dumping to happen.

Save valuable space.

A compactor takes up less room than several dumpsters and can maximize the space open to your site visitors, tenants, or workers for trash.

Compactors range from 30-40 feet long, though some can be much smaller, so to install one, you will need a fair amount of space on your site. However, many high-trash generators discover that the upfront expenses to install and lease (or own) a compactor are counterbalanced over several years of service.

A standard compactor can hold at least five tons of waste - far more than even the most enormous dumpsters. This indicates that a site can go long periods between pick-ups, which can seriously reduce your waste spending.

Acquire better management of liquid waste.

Nobody - not one single individual - appreciates the aroma of garbage. Therefore, for locations that beget food waste, compactors are a helpful resolution to reduce undesirable smells.

Some compactors are specially equipped to collect liquid and semi-liquid rubbish. Consequently, the less-than-ideal fragrance that emits from open dumpsters is mainly contained within the chambers of the compactor to help keep your establishment smelling clean.

Eradicate litter from wind-blown waste.

Another element of a trash compactor's ability to decrease litter across a given area is another factor. If the garbage is wholly contained in a compactor, it's much more complicated for large quantities of debris to escape making it less likely for waste to be spread across your location, making a good impression on your site guests. This also helps discourage complaints, which your workers will be happy about.

Contact us today if you are interested in compactor service in Orlando. We want to solve your trash problems!