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7 Commonly Used Items That Are Worth Recycling

7 Commonly Used Items That Are Worth Recycling

7 Commonly Used Items That Are Worth Recycling

Recycling is collecting and processing used materials repeatedly; otherwise, these items will be thrown into dumping sites as waste material and cannot be used again. Therefore, recycling is a valuable process that enables us to make useful items from recycled items. We must recycle certain items to prevent them from degrading and the pollution they will cause when left in an open environment. As a recycling center in Orlando, we help many communities in the area learn how to properly recycle in their homes. These are a few commonly used items that you should recycle.

Plastic Bags

We get grocery items or other shopping materials packed in plastic bags. We must ensure the recycling of these bags by looking at the shopping store to see if it has a plastic bag recycling process. Otherwise, we can use these bags as trash bin liners for doggie poo, soiled cat litter, or wrapping material for shipping items. Thus, use them repeatedly and then send them off for recycling.

Milk Cartons

Milk cartons are frequently used items that we can recycle by multiple processes. For example, we can use them as planters by cutting their tops or making ice blocks by filling water in them and putting them in the refrigerator. Thus, recycling saves us from buying new things to get things proceeded.

Plastic Water Bottles

You can easily recycle plastic water bottles by tossing them in the recycle bin. After recycling, you can use them for water filling and many other purposes. Other functions you can take from plastic water bottles include

  • the creation of planters for seedlings,
  • making piggy banks for your kids, or
  • using your various craft ideas to make multiple things.

Old Clothing

Jeans and old clothes are also recycled products that you can use for multiple purposes after recycling. For example, you will not need to purchase dust rags if you have old pants and T-shirts in your store. Therefore, chop them up and use them to keep your house very clean.

Athletic Shoes

Most of us toss our athletic shoes into the trash when they are used enough. However, these are recyclable items. Therefore, look up shoe companies that have efficient recycling programs. If shoes are in useable condition, donate them to needy people.


Junk mail, magazines, newspapers, printer paper, and books are items that we can recycle for later use. The recycling process of books is time-consuming. Therefore, look for the local recycling regulations and find the best options for their disposal. If books are informative and of scientific importance, donate them to needy students so they can carry on their studies.

Food Scraps

Almost the entire world is facing food shortage and malnutrition issues. Therefore, it is wise to recycle food scraps like compost to make biofertilizers or get a worm farm and use these food particles to feed the worms. Worm waste is the best biofertilizer for your garden.

The dumping of recycled materials into landfills is causing environmental pollution. Therefore, it is wise to recycle those important trash materials and play our part in reducing environmental pollution. If you want to hear more about proper recycling practices, contact our recycling center in Orlando today!