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How You Can Encourage Your Employees to Recycle

How You Can Encourage Your Employees to Recycle

How You Can Encourage Your Employees to Recycle

Are you trying to motivate your employees to increase their recycling efforts?  Do you want decrease wastefulness in your business?  When it comes to running a business, you also need to consider how you can make a good impact on your community.  By increasing your recycling efforts, you can not only create a good reputation, but you can also make the world a better place at the same time.  Our recycling center in Orlando has the tips for you.  These are a few tips that employers can follow to motivate their employees to recycle at work.

Go Paperless When You Can

Nowadays, there are many apps and software programs that allow you to skip printed materials.  When you can use these often, you can actually recycle paper by the bundle.  Apps allow you to review documents, send messages, pay and receive bills or account statements, and much more.  When you implement these apps and software programs into your daily life, you can save paper each and every day.

Reuse Paper

We know that it isn't possible to go entirely paperless, but there are still ways to save paper.  Unless the documents are critical or carry sensitive information, you can always reuse the backs of the paper for scratch paper.  Many people even cut off the messages or printed part of the paper and use the scraps for sticky notes or other reminders.  To commit to paper recycling in New Jersey, you can also set out recycling bins in convenient locations around the office to promote this practice.

Reuse Office Supplies

Many employees may be tempted to throw away old folders or binders after their projects are complete, but these office supplies are often in perfectly good condition for reuse.  Establish a place where people can drop off unwanted or used office materials, like folders, binders, reference books, and office organizers.  This way, people who are in need of something can go search the area to find exactly what they need.  It is a great way to recycle while also promoting community.

Label Recycling Bins

Not all of the recycling materials are paper.  Recycling centers often take materials such as glass, bottles, certain plastics, electronics, and batteries.  Talk to your local recycling center to learn more about what you can recycle.  After you find out this information, create designated recycling bins specific to the materials so that your employees can increase their recycling.  When you create labeled bins, they will be more likely to follow through with their recycling efforts.

Provide Employee Incentives

Everyone loves a competition, so why not make one for recycling?  In order to bring awareness to your company-wide recycling efforts, consider creating a fun competition for those who recycle the most.  Consider ways you can incentivize your employees to increase their individual efforts so that you can see growth as a whole.

These are just a few important tips that can help you encourage your employees to increase their recycling efforts at work.  In order to do your part, it takes commitment from everyone in the workplace.  Contact our recycling center in Orlando to hear more tips on workplace recycling today.