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Five Simple Tips to Increase Recycling in Your Home

Five Simple Tips to Increase Recycling in Your Home

Five Simple Tips to Increase Recycling in Your Home

Are you struggling to make the efforts to recycle?  Do you want to finally take the time to recycle and reuse materials in your home?  By starting small, you can be successful in any cardboard or paper recycling in Orlando that you want to try to increase.  Whether you want to reduce waste, save money, or just leave less of a carbon imprint on the world around you, you can recycle many materials, like aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard, and more.  These are a few tips to increase recycling in your home.

Set Up a Recycling Bin

Every home has trash bins to make it easy to throw away garbage.  This is a simple, yet effective way to also implement when it comes to recycling.  Once you set up a recycling bin, you will notice that you use many materials in your everyday life that can be recycled and reused.  By having separate containers that are designated for recycling only, you make it much easier and convenient to recycle.  This is a first easy step towards improved recycling practices.

Make It Easy to Sort

Once you establish recycling bins in your home, you should consider how you will sort the recyclables.  Some recycling centers want you to bundle your cardboard, keep plastic in bags, and organize the glass containers all separately.  Because they can contaminate the other contents in the recycling bins, these materials should be sorted to maximize your recycling efforts.

Set Bulky Items in a Designated Area

Many people get discouraged by the bulky items that do not fit in their recycling bins.  Cardboard boxes, for example, can take up a lot of space in your home before the recycling collection comes.   Consider setting up a designated area for bulky recyclable items, like broken down cardboard boxes.  This can be in a closet, garage, storage area, or laundry room so that these materials can be out of the way of your everyday life.

Rinse Out Your Containers

One habit that will make your recycling efforts much more impactful is to rinse out your containers.  Any time you have a finished jar of sauce or jam, take the time to rinse out the residue.  When you skip this step, you contaminate the entire contents of your recycling bin.  This means that all your efforts will be wasted.  For this reason, be sure to take the extra steps to rinse out your containers before putting them in your recycling bin.

Get Involved in Your Community

Do you have a recycling center in your community?  Get familiar with the company that takes care of your recycling.  Familiarize yourself with their location and phone number so that they are easily accessible when you need them.  Also, when you want to recycle bulk materials, you can drop them off at the center to avoid keeping them in a pile in your house.

These are a few tips that will make recycling much easier in your home.  By improving your everyday recycling practices, you are taking the effort to make the world a better place, little by little.  For anymore questions, contact our center for paper recycling in Orlando today.