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How to Create a More Sustainable Home

How to Create a More Sustainable Home

How to Create a More Sustainable Home

Do you feel like you and your family contributes too much waste to the environment?  Are there ways you can cut back on the amount of nonrenewable resources your family uses?  If you are looking to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly home, you will have to make some changes to your lifestyle.  As a recycling center in Orlando, we offer many resources that help our community take care of our planet, starting with recycling.  Living sustainably will help our planet stay healthier and safer, so we urge many homes to adopt eco-friendly practices.  There are several ways to create a more sustainable home for you and your family.

Remove Shoes at the Door

By simply removing your shoes before you walk through the house, you prevent dirt and debris from travelling around your home.  This will lower the amount of pollutants found on the surfaces of your home, and it will also improve the air quality.  Keeping your family safe from germs and bacteria will mean that you need to use fewer cleaning chemicals and medicines to keep everyone safe.

Recycle Reusable Items  

Anytime you choose to reuse items, this helps to eliminate unnecessary waste.  By using Tupperware containers, water bottles, plastic bags, and reusable grocery bags, you save your home from using too much waste.  This has many positive effects on the environment, including the recycling efforts that allow more materials to be repurposed.  Many manufacturing companies can reuse glass, paper, and plastic again and again.

Avoid Fragrant Products

Often times, products that contain fragrances also contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to our homes and our bodies.  When you purchase bath products, avoid products that contain a strong odor, as those are typically unsafe for you and your children.  Buy environmentally friendly products that are organic or naturally derived.  This will have lasting positive health impacts.

Carpool When Possible

Air pollution can be lowered significantly if you carpool with neighbors and friends.  When you are travelling to the same destination, offer to pick up and drop off other people's children to prevent ore road traffic and air pollution.  This is an easy solution.  Also, it is time-effective for parents.  If you get a on a rotating schedule, you will also be able to benefit from the perks of carpooling by saving time in your busy day.

Save Water and Energy

Another easy way to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle in your home is to save water and energy when you can.  Urge your children to take quick showers instead of long baths.  Turn off lights when you exit the room.  Use more natural light during the day by opening curtains.  Also, don't leave the faucet running when you aren't using the sink.  Simple tips like that go a long way.

By following these tips, you will create a more sustainable and healthier home for your loved ones.  Prevent any toxins and dangerous chemicals from entering your home by trusting natural products and contribute less pollution to the earth by recycling and carpooling.  Contact our recycling center in Orlando to hear about other ways you can live sustainably.