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Four Facts about Recycling Your Plastic

Four Facts about Recycling Your Plastic

Four Facts about Recycling Your Plastic

Are you rinsing out your recyclables before throwing them in the bin?  Are you paying attention to your local recycling regulations?  Are you decreasing your waste in your home?  If you are not actively doing these things, you are recycling the wrong way.  Yes, you heard it.  There is a right and a wrong way to recycle your reusable materials.  Whenever you are recycling your plastic, you want to be sure to follow the regulations and policies of your local recycling center in Orlando.  While your recycling efforts are always appreciated, they are more effective when they are done so correctly.  There are a few facts you should know about recycling your plastic.

All Plastic Is Not Recyclable

Many people assume that just because something is made from plastic, it can be recycled.  This is not true, as not all plastic goods are recyclable.  For instance, you can recycle empty water bottles, but you cannot recycle empty coffee cups, straws, or plastic bags.  These goods often require special machines and recycling processes in order to create reusable materials.

Only Clean Plastic is Recyclable

If you are not rinsing out your plastic containers before you throw them in the bin, you are not actually recycling them.  Once they get to the recycling plant, they will be crusted with food and waste products, which makes them incapable of being repurposed.  In order to make sure they get recycled, clean them out first.  By doing this simple task, you actually recycle the plastic in the proper way.

Recycled Plastic is Less Quality

Each time you recycle your plastic, its quality decreases.  Each time it is repurposed, it loses a little bit of its overall quality.  Because of this, the same piece of plastic can only be recycled about two or three times before it can no longer be used.  In fact, whenever recycled plastic is used to create products, it is often mixed with new materials to create durability.  

All Plastic is Not the Same

Although we do not need to be familiar with all the types of plastic in order to properly recycle, there are actually seven different types of plastics.  These are determined by the temperatures at which the materials have been heated to create the plastic.  This neglects to inform you of the health effects and recyclability though.

These are just a few facts that will help you better understand how to properly recycle your plastic and where it goes when you do so.  Our recycling center in Orlando helps the community to recycle the proper way.  This decreases the amount of waste and increases the amount of materials that can be repurposed, which can truly change the environment around us.  If you are looking to increase your recycling efforts, contact us today to hear about how we can help you get started.