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Four Everyday Items You Should Recycle

Four Everyday Items You Should Recycle

Four Everyday Items You Should Recycle

In order to reduce the amount of waste that exits your household, you should be aware of the everyday household essentials that you can recycle.  This will help you both reduce waste and also repurpose your materials for the manufacturing of more goods.  Many people are not aware of exactly what they can recycle, which ends up leading to more waste than there needs to be.  Contacting your local recycling center in Orlando to find out how you can increase your recycling efforts will help you stay educated on how to help your planet.  There are many everyday items that you should recycle.

Junk Mail and Paper

Most people are aware that paper is recyclable, yet many items that people receive in their mailbox makes their way to the garbage bins anyways.  Your junk mail, empty envelopes, and shredded documents can be recycled.  In order to remind yourself to recycle your junk mail, set a recycling container right next to your entrance.  This way, when you go through your mail, you can immediately throw the mail you don't intend to keep directly into the recycling bin.


When you are cleaning out your library or office area, you may realize a large amount of books that you no longer need to keep.  These books can be resold or donated, but when you must dispose of them, be sure to recycle them.  Because they made mostly of paper and cardboard, they can easily be repurposed into other products.

Ink Cartridges

Many printer ink cartridges should not go directly into any trash bin, as they contain many toxic chemicals that can harm the environment.  Instead, you should recycle your ink cartridges.  This will typically require you to visit an office supply store, as they keep bins specifically for recycling ink cartridges in order to curb the pollution of the toxic substances.  Many of these office supply stores even offer a discount off your next ink cartridge purchase as an added incentive to recycling them.  

Disposable Dinnerware

If you have recently thrown a party of larger get together, you may have used disposable plates and cups to help save the time on doing dishes.  Many people do not know that these items are actually recyclable.  When you are hosting your party, place a bin next to the trash that indicates for your guests to properly recycle their cups and plates after they are finished using them.  This will help prevent the buildup of excess garbage.

This is a list of many of the common household items that you can be recycling to help curb the amount of garbage that exits your home.  By recycling, you help to prevent excessive waste from building up in landfills and you also help to repurpose materials that can be made into other goods.  Contact your local recycling center in Orlando to get started today.