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The Cardboard Recycling Process

The Cardboard Recycling Process

The Cardboard Recycling Process

Every person in Orlando generates a little over one pound of cardboard waste each day. Most of that waste ends up in the landfill where it can take tightly packed cardboard bundles years to decompose. It requires about 17 trees to be cut down to make one pound of cardboard. Instead of adding to the landfill and requiring new trees to be cut down, cardboard recycling in Orlando is the perfect answer.

What is the Process of Cardboard Recycling?

There are several different steps involved in cardboard recycling:

Step #1: Collection

The first step in cardboard recycling is collecting the cardboard. You can help by arranging for cardboard pickup in Orlando by contacting Orlando Recycling. While you are waiting for your cardboard to be collected, make sure that it is free of any plastics and foodstuff. Break down the boxes as you go to save space. The cardboard should be stored in a dry location that is easily accessible.

Step #2: Sorting

The next step in recycling cardboard boxes is to sort them by type. The two most common types are boxboards that are usually smaller and normally have contained a product and corrugated cardboard that is often used in larger shipping boxes. They need to be separated because corrugated cardboard usually has a coating that must be removed through further processing. After the boxes are sorted, they are then compressed and made into large bales.

Step #3: Pulping

The next step is to turn the boxes into pulp. The bales are exposed to water to break them down faster. Additionally, a chemical solution is mixed with the water so that the boxes break down faster. While it is possible to construct new boxes from this pulp, the boxes do not hold up well. Therefore, a special type of wood chip is added to the pulp.

Step #4: Filtering

Despite your best efforts to remove all the tape and foreign objects from the boxes before you recycle your cardboard boxes, some foreign objects always ends up in the pulp. Therefore, a special filter is used to remove any foreign objects from the pulp. Another filter removes any dye from the pulp.

Step #5: Drying and Shaping

The wet pulp is then mixed with new paper pulp. The pulp is then poured into molds to make the desired shape. Then, the molds are run through a large machine that removes all the water. New sheets of cardboard are then created. Another machine punches the exact shape of the new cardboard box into each sheet. People then tear off the waste that is recycled again and new boxes are constructed.

The process of cardboard recycling in Orlando begins with you. Get involved by contacting Orlando Recycling today at (407) 872-1595 to arrange for someone to come pick up your cardboard. You will feel great knowing that your cardboard waste is not filling up the landfill and that you are saving trees.