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3 Environmental-friendly Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

3 Environmental-friendly Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

3 Environmental-friendly Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic recycling in Orlando is an excellent way to maximize the use of plastics without polluting the environment. Despite the fact that plastic is recyclable, less than one-quarter of plastic water bottles used in the United States are actually recycled. Also, it has been discovered that about an average individual residing in the United States comes in contact with about1167 Plastic water bottles every year. It can be concluded from this fact that the whole country makes use of over 50 million plastic water bottles every year.

Most of these plastic water bottles are disposed in Landfills, where they occupy a lot of space and cause significant damage to the environment. Rather than sending these loads of plastic water bottle to landfills, a better alternative is using environmental-friendly alternatives. Plastic recycling in Orlando is another alternative; it enables you to use your plastic over and over again. Some of the eco-friendly alternatives to plastics are as follows:

Reusable Glass Bottle

Instead of adding to the environmental pollutants, you can make use of glass bottles. Glass is completely recyclable; hence, it can be recycled more than once without sacrificing its quality. This feature of glass makes it one of the most environmental-friendly materials. It will interest you to know that reusable glass bottles are very easy to keep clean as it can be washed together with cups, plates and other Utensils in dishwashers.

Therefore, you can use your glass bottles as many times as possible without having to undergo plastic recycling in Orlando – which is necessary if you are using plastic water bottles. Some setbacks here are the fact that glass bottles are costly and heavy when compared with other environmental-conscious options. It is very important to take note of this when considering the right reusable bottle to go for.

Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle

Stainless Steel is another option that you can be considered. Steel looks better than glass; it appears more sophisticated that glass. Apart from the sleek appearance, stainless steel is ideal for active people who do not worry about breaking their water bottle. Stainless steel bottles are not as fragile as glass bottles. Another merit of stainless steel bottles is insulation. They have the capacity to keep liquid hot or cold for quite a long period of time. This is ideal for people who takes their water bottle to gym, work or other places they need to be.

Despite the numerous benefits associated with the use of Stainless steel water bottle, there is a downside. It is not dish-washer friendly; therefore, it must be washed thoroughly by hand.

Reusable Plastic Bottle

Reusable Plastic bottle is the most popular alternative to Plastic bottles. Plastic bottle requires the services of plastic recycling in Orlando to lessen its negative effect on the environment. However, the use of Reusable Plastic bottle allows multiple use of the bottle without a decline in quality. The plastics that is used to produced reusable bottles are made with more durable materials, making it strong enough to withstand continuous use.

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