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Types of Documents Eligible for Shredding

Types of Documents Eligible for Shredding

Types of Documents Eligible for Shredding

There are many paper documents we use on a daily basis that also leads to a high amount of paper waste. With the abundance of waste paper and documents, how does one successfully handle waste documents?

Since 2015, the FACTA disposal rule has applied to all businesses. This compels all businesses to live by the law of document shredding. The aim behind document shredding is to protect personal data of individuals and companies. With this in mind, it is important to hire a reliable and trusted document shredding service in Orlando. They can help get rid of documents that you do not need.

There are several types of documents that are eligible for shredding. If you are aware of the type of documents, it will be easier to sort them out and prepare them for a trusted certified document shredding service in Orlando to recycle for you.

1. Official Business Records

There are records that have been in storage for up to seven years. Most times, after this period, these documents lose their relevance or validity. Most companies do review these documents to determine the ones that are worth holding on to. Expired documents are destroyed while the rest are kept. These can be given to trusted certified document shredding services in Orlando to destroy securely.

2. Secondary records

There are private records that usually sit at people’s desk and cabinets. Most times, these records of projects, assigned jobs, memos, performance evaluation records etc. Any company that ignores this is risking legal dispute in the future.

As a result, these documents should be taken to the shredding bin and shredded regularly.

3. Daily records

No matter how trivial you see any piece of information, if it is about an individual, the document needs to be destroyed. Companies should bear in mind that if any of the documents are classified under the breach of data protection privacy or protection law, it could put the company in trouble. This act could trigger serious fine or withdrawal of license.

There are three major ways in which you can choose to shred documents. There are off-site shredding, plant-based shredding, and mobile shredding. You should choose the most convenient for you based on your preference and needs.

Document shredding and recycling reduces waste and also protect the environment. It is a worthy endeavor that is recommended in homes and offices today.

If you need a document shredding service in Orlando, get in touch with us at Orlando recycling. We are a well-reputed shredding company with services in line with data protection laws. Call us today for a free consultation.