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Tips to Ensuring Better Quality Cardboard Recycling in Orlando

Tips to Ensuring Better Quality Cardboard Recycling in Orlando

Tips to Ensuring Better Quality Cardboard Recycling in Orlando

Most people are used to throwing cardboard boxes away anyhow without realising the number of trees that go into making one large cardboard box. Being environmentally conscious requires that you recycle any material that can go a long way in maintaining sustainable development.

Cardboard recycling in Orlando is becoming increasingly popular and this is great for the economy and environment as the recycled cardboard can be recycled into other paper products. In order to make sure that you are doing your part in saving the environment through cardboard recycling in Orlando, here are some ways for you to help maintain the quality and value of cardboard recycling in materials

  1. Prevent co-mingling of recyclable materials

    You should try to separate the cardboard materials from other materials that can cause contamination and reduce the quality of the cardboard recycling. Cardboard recyclables need to be at a certain quality standard to be accepted by recycling companies as the more contaminated it is, the more processing it will take. Engage your local cardboard recycling company in Orlando to know the best method of grouping recyclable materials for them to pick up and process effectively.

  2. Keep recyclable cardboard clean

    Although stained cardboard materials can still be recycled, it will take more time. Be sure not to put your cardboard materials in the same place as organic waste, powdered substances and other waste. If your recyclable material is too dirty or contaminated with other materials, the recycling company may not accept it or decrease the amount that will be paid for it. Be sure to understand the standards that cardboard recycling in Orlando requires to be able to contribute satisfactorily.

  3. Avoid getting the cardboard wet

    Most cardboard recycling in Orlando require the cardboard to still be dry when received for you to get full value from it. Once the cardboard gets wet and beings to break up, it reduces what the recycling company will pay for the stack. To prevent having wet cardboard materials, try to store above ground or in a separate bin or tie into a stack and place somewhere far from moisture.

  4. Pack your cardboard recyclables densely

    That 60-in LED TV box is better off neatly folded into smaller square that leaving the box as is. This helps to reduce the bale weight and also reduce transportation costs. The cheapest way to move cardboard recycling in Orlando is to have it baled. If your company does not have a compactor, you can also just cut or fold to smaller sizes and then tie into a dense stack. If you are not sure how you should package the cardboard recyclables for transportation, contact any local company that handles cardboard recycling in Orlando for guidance and you’ll be sure get the best tips and tricks to managing your company’s cardboard waste for proper recycling.

For more information about how you can save money for your company and also protect the environment through cardboard recycling in Orlando, contact Orlando Recycling