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7 Myths about Recycling

7 Myths about Recycling

7 Myths about Recycling

There are certain myths about recycling which a lot of people hold and we need to debunk them before they head to a recycling center in Orlando. The only thing that people have probably gotten right about recycling is that it helps keep the environment healthy and clean. Let's look at those myths and misconceptions.

1. "Recycling is done to reduce the amount of waste around."

In the mid-90s, a survey was carried out, and most Americans believed that the only way to deal with the trash problem of that time was recycling. This belief led to Americans moving their trash to larger landfills, so it can be easier to collect waste for recycling. This significantly led to a reduction in the number of landfills all over the country.

2. "Recyclable wastes generate lots of money for cities."

A lot of people believe that cities make a lot from having the waste the citizens churn out recycled. This is not true, as most of the contracts include very high tipping fees. So, in essence, the cities end up paying for the recycling program rather than make money from it.

3. "Recycling is not that necessary since there is a lot of lands to be used as landfills."

True. There is enough land, but recycling helps protect the environment. Less energy is consumed, and pollution is greatly reduced. With recycling centre in Orlando such as Orlando Recycling, there will be less emission of greenhouse gases that could be toxic to the environment.

4. "Recycling leads to pollution"

The most important reason behind recycling is to reduce pollution. The major types of water and air pollution can be completely reduced by recycling. Imagine an environment where you don't have to burn paper or plastic or dump any of those in landfills. This is the more reason why involving recycling center in Orlando is important.

5. "A good number of Americans are already recycling"

A recycling goal of 35 percent was set by EPA but some communities have surpassed this level. The national average is about 28 percent, but a lot of Americans still dump recyclable items in landfills.

6. "You can only recycle white paper"

This is not true; a reputable recycling center in Orlando will recycle any type of paper. Papers ranging from envelope paper, colored paper, cardboard, newspaper to the magazine can be recycled. The only types of paper that cannot be recycled are paper that has food stains on them and thermal paper used in fax machines in the past.

7. “Recycling bins shouldn't be placed in the open”

Some people believe that recycling bins disfigure the outlook of some neighborhoods. This is up to you; there are different types of recycling bins that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You have the freedom to choose one that suits your neighborhood, and you can check recycling centres in Orlando.

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