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Recycling Signage Tips To Improve Your Company's Recycling Habit

Recycling Signage Tips To Improve Your Company's Recycling Habit

Recycling Signage Tips To Improve Your Company's Recycling Habit

There are steps you can take to get your company to participate more in a recycling program. The recycling signage you have around the premises can provide significant help with this. We discuss some recycling signage tips to get more from your recycling efforts:

1. Keep Everything Labeled

With recycling signages, you can improve the rate of employee participation in the recycling program. Every disposal container in the facility should have labels. In order words, not just your recycling stations need labeling but your refuse waste, organic waste, and other waste stream collection. If you collect plastic film in a Gaylord box next to a cardboard box in your office, you have got to use separate signage to indicate each.

2. Signs at Eye Level

If your recycling signs are not visible, they won’t be effective and will end up pretty useless. To ensure your recycling sign catches the attention of all workers, ensure it is at a high level on all containers. And should your container not sit at eye level, we recommend you hang the signs above the container to bring people’s attention to the container.

Ideally, we recommend that you have two signs – one above the container and the other directly on the container.

3. Include Examples

It is not enough to name your recycling streams. It might not really inform employees what items fit a particular stream. Thus, you have got to include an example in your signage. And we recommend using items your worker access on a daily basis.

For instance, if you want your worker to put used cardboards, empty craft ingredient bags, shredded paper, brown, white or red cardboard, Kraft ingredient bag etc. in a stream marked as “cardboard,” these items should be listed as examples on your signage.

4. Use Pictures

Images pass information better than words. As a result, we recommend that you use images of the examples of items you want in each stream. There are some items that have multiple names. Plastic wrap, for instance, can be known as stretch film or LDPE plastic. Images help to reduce ambiguity or confusion when It comes to what to recycle.

5. List Don’ts

At times, it is helpful to clarify what should not go in a recycling container as what should. For instance, if you do not want your employees placing lined kraft bags in the cardboard stream, you should add a list of don’ts just beneath your signage.

With a list of don’ts, you can address and correct common recycling mistakes. The best and most recommended way to go about it is to print in smaller fonts and place it below your signage.

It is not enough to read the best recycling signage practice. You have got to actually make efforts to improve recycling signage at your facility. To achieve optimum results, you have to be consistent. Encouraging paper recycling in Orlando goes a long way in helping to build a recycling culture in people. You can get across to us to help enlighten your workforce on the importance of recycling. Give us a call today for your paper recycling in Orlando.