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How to Reduce Junk Mails and Paper Waste

How to Reduce Junk Mails and Paper Waste

How to Reduce Junk Mails and Paper Waste

Every other day, checking the mail box results in many kinds of unwanted junk letters and mail which usually get tossed into the recycling bin since we don’t use it. While it is good that despite their undesirability they are suitable for recycling, isn’t it better not to receive them at all? Reducing the amount of junk mails and other useless paper documents that you receive is a better way to reduce the amount of paper recycling in Orlando than waiting for the mail to come so that you can recycle it.

Follow these steps and see the quantity of junk mails that you receive reduce drastically..

Put up a “No Junk Mail” sign for delivery people

You can reduce your contribution to paper recycling in Orlando but not receiving the mail in the first place. If you have a mail box at home, you can talk to the mail delivery folks not to deliver unsolicited mails and marketing emails to your mail box. If not, you can try making a “No Junk Mail Please” sign close to your mailbox so that delivery people know not to deliver junk mails and marketing letters to you.

Opt out of marketing communications online

You should opt out of online offers whenever you purchase any new product or service on the internet. There are usually tick boxes where you are required to indicate interest in physical marketing materials. Always make sure that you untick them to prevent receiving junk mails. With the implementation of better laws against customer privacy and marketing, you are not meant to opt out of offers now but to opt in if you wish to participate. This will reduce the number of junk mails that you get.

Contact the source of any junk mail that you receive

If a junk mail was directly sent to you, get in touch with the sender and ask them not to send mail to you any longer. You can also send a letter to them to let them know that you are not welcome to receiving marketing materials. Once you do so, the company has a legal obligation to stop all such mails within a short time frame. Most of the paper recycling in Orlando will have been prevented if people took the time to send notices to marketers.

Opt out of unaddressed junk mail

A large proportion of junk mail is unaddressed and there are ways you can stop this. The easiest way is to contact your local post office service and place a request not to receive unaddressed junk mails. This should solve your junk mail problem within 6-8 weeks. This step is quite effective because most bulk mails are sent using the postal service, so they are the ones that are in the best position to help.

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