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5 Ways To Ensure Effective Cardboard Recycling

5 Ways To Ensure Effective Cardboard Recycling

5 Ways To Ensure Effective Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling in Orlando has come to stay. Cardboard recycling is an indirect way of saving our ecosystem. This is due to the fact that a total of 17 trees is equivalent to one ton of recycled cardboard. Therefore, cardboard recycling in Orlando serves to sustain our natural resources in an indirect manner.

To avoid this, additional recycling expenses, it is essential to source your cardboard waste separately. Cardboard recycling in Orlando ensures effective source separation of waste material to enhance effective recycling especially as far as operating cost is concerned.

Keep cardboard clean before recycling

Cardboard are sometimes contaminated with stains that cannot be removed before the commencement of the recycling process. Cardboard are easily stained or damaged by contaminants such as tapes, labels, food, inks, organic waste etc.

Contaminants reduce the quality of recycling though they are tolerated to some extent. But, for effect cardboard recycling in Orlando, It is important to get rid of all stains that can interfere with the recycling process.

Ensure the cardboard is dry before recycling.

Cardboard recycling in Orlando always ensures the cardboard are of high quality. It is important to be aware of the fact that, the scrap value of cardboard as another type of paper commodity depends on its fiber quality. Another effective way to ensure a good quality recycling is keeping the cardboard prior to recycling. This is highly essential because wet fibers experience tear and damages quickly. To ensure dryness of your cardboard, store them in a moisture-free environment and avoid comingling the cardboard with any wet contaminant and recycle wet cardboards separately.

Ensure your cardboard is dense before recycling

This is one of the factors that ensure effective cardboard recycling in Orlando. Keeping your cardboard dense will drastically reduce cost of transportation and consequently lowering your overall cost of recycling.

The most cost-effective manner to pack cardboards is balling. The use of compactors is a great way of creating more dense cardboard loads for recycling. Cardboard recycling in Orlando has a high quality assurance and better densification methods for your recycling loads.

Regularly check the bale weight.

It is advisable to use your bailer efficiently especially if you have chosen to bale your cardboard recycling in Orlando. Checking the bale weight regularly is the surest way to ensure you are using your baler. Based on the target specification and the nature of materials, you should be able to efficiently choose a target weight to enhance effective cardboard recycling in Orlando.