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5 positive effects of cardboard recycling on the environment

5 positive effects of cardboard recycling on the environment

5 positive effects of cardboard recycling on the environment


Do you know that over 90 percent of the entire products shipped in the United States are packaged in cardboard? Don’t hold your breath yet. Do you also know that majority of that goes into the trash and eventually find their way to the landfill? Such is the sad state of cardboard paper and the “bleeding trees” that produces them.

But thank goodness, lots of communities across the country are now making efforts aimed at recycling cardboard. The essence is to reduce the level of trash in landfills and to protect the environment and trees from further degradation and destruction.

We at Orlando Recycling is bringing you 5 benefits of using our cardboard recycling center in Orlando to recycle all your cardboard shipping boxes and such other cardboard materials.

5 key environmental benefits of cardboard recycling in Orlando

  1. Helps in reducing effect of global warming

    Cardboard that is trashed at the landfill usually breaks down and release a toxic greenhouse gas known as “methane.” Methane is known to contribute more to global warming 20 percent more than the effect of carbon dioxide. As cardboard papers are recycled to produce more papers, using the recycle center in Orlando; the level of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere is reduced significantly. When 1 ton of cardboard passes through the recycling center in Orlando, it corresponds to a 1-ton reduction in carbon dioxide.

    Wants to become part of those that are helping to save our environment? Then choose to recycle your cardboard today.

  2. Reduces energy consumption

    Since cardboard is derived from processed wood fibers, less recycling of cardboard is required compared to a pure product. Naturally, when less is needed for the processing of a product, it equally means a reduction in the amount of energy needed for the procession, which also means reduced use of fuel sources which harms the ecosystem.

  3. Water conservation

    The process of making paper products from wood materials involves the use of a significant amount of water. But on the other hand, recycled cardboard had passed through the processed stage already, meaning less water is needed for the production of new materials. In a nutshell, when you processed recycled cardboard, you are saving approximately 7000 gallons of water on every ton of cardboard you recycled using our cardboard recycling center in Orlando.

  4. It helps in saving the forest

    Another positive impact of recycling cardboard on the environment is the reduction on the numbers of trees cut down yearly. Deforestation has been a significant cause of global warming. But with the latest technology that informs cardboard recycling, the need to cut down trees to produce more materials is reducing gradually, which is good for the environment. It is estimated that when 1 ton of cardboard paper is recycled, about 12 to 17 trees are saved, which further preserve the natural habitat and the ecosystem in general.

  5. Enable more landfill space to become available

    It is no secret that most of the nation’s landfills are filled with cardboard. But as the recycling center in Orlando and other places goes into cardboard recycling, more lands that would otherwise have been used as landfills are spared. For instance, when you recycle 1 ton of cardboard, you are saving and making available 9 cubic yards of landfill space.

You too can make a difference

If you are operating a business that generates lots of cardboard, don’t throw them away. You can become part of the recycling center in Orlando by bringing your cardboard for recycling. Let us help you to make some money from your recycled cardboard while making yourself an immortal friend of the environment.